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Update Log

May 2023

  • 5 shrines were removed in the sweep for dead links.

January 2023

  • 1 shrine was added: Lara’s Backpack
  • Swept for dead links; no shrines removed.
  • Updated link list.
  • Happy new year, and may 2023 bring more shrines!

November 2022

  • 4 shrines were added: The Sweetest Thing, As You Wish, XTC, Electric
  • Clarification was added on the submission page: Shrine subjects of domains adjacent to anime and manga such as manhwa, manhua, donghua are generally welcome as well!

July 2022

  • Adopted the directory from Crystal and relaunched it with new layout, content and buttons!
  • If you can, please update your links to https://emotion.oubliette.nu and spread the word to fellow shrine makers so that visitors and creators can keep finding their way to shrines. Now’s also a good time to check whether there are any shrines you haven’t submitted yet and would like to get listed! :>
  • 2 shrines were added: Refugium, Sway
  • 59 shrines were removed in the sweep for dead links, meaning that over 20 % of the directory is no longer around. :( If your shrine was removed by mistake (e.g. temporary downtime or domain change), please do let me know!