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About the directory

Emotion was opened on 4 February 2007 by Crystal (formerly zeruda.org). Her love for shrines is contained in the directory’s name, which refers to the strong emotional response that all these lovingly crafted fan dedications evoke.

The site was handed down to me, Lethe, in May 2022, and reopened in July 2022. Thank you for all the love you’ve put into the directory over all those years, Crystal!

See here for an update log.

Layout and credits

The directory went through twelve versions while stationed at zeruda.org. The current, technically 13th version features Sailor Moon, a choice that felt all too natural when it was my turn to give the directory a new design. The series is iconic not just in the anime and manga medium, but also in the long history of shrines. It is present across all three spheres covered by the directory (and beyond), each iteration bringing something different to canon; in turn, it both inspires shrines that focus on a specific iteration, and invites comparisons between the iterations.

Most of all, when thinking of the directory and its shrines, my thoughts kept turning to the Galaxy Cauldron, the birthplace of stars… Shrines are, to me, stars whose light traverses time and space to reach us — some of them from the far past, some long extinguished, some even reborn. To echo the closing words of the manga: I hope that some stars will shine brightly forever, and that new stars continue to be born.

Across the galaxy

Below is a list of directories and similar listings. Following their trail is sure to lead you to many more wonderful creations! If you own or know of a directory-type site that focuses on shrines or fansites pertaining to anime, manga or video games, please let me know so I can add it to the list.

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