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Submission guidelines

Please keep the following points in mind when submitting a shrine to the directory. In case of questions, you are welcome to contact me anytime.

  • Subject: Only shrines dedicated to anime, manga or video game subjects are accepted. (Adjacent domains such as manhwa, manhua and donghua are generally accepted as well.) Examples are character, relationship or series shrines, but there are no limits to your imagination!
  • Ownership: Only shrines of your own creation are accepted.
  • Language: Shrines of any language are accepted. In case of non-English shrines, please state the language in your submission.
  • Size/Scope: Shrines of any size are accepted, including one-page shrines and shrine/fanlisting combos. In the case of the latter, the fanlisting may not be the main focus of the site. Fansites that aren’t specifically shrines (your mileage may vary), such as (pure) media archives or fanwork archives or forums, are not classified as shrines as far as this directory is concerned.
  • Stage of completion: Shrines under construction are accepted as long as they contain some readable content of substance.
  • Link-back: A link to the directory, be it in graphic or text, has to be visible on your shrine before you submit it to the directory. Its specific location is not of importance; in case that it is in a hard-to-find location, please inform in your submission. Shrines without a link back may be removed.
  • Hateful content: Shrines containing hateful content, such as bashing of characters, fans or specific groups of people, are not accepted and may be removed.
  • Updates: Please inform me about any URL changes or your shrine might be removed during a sweep for dead links. When updating, please mention both the new and old information.

Submit your shrine

Please use the following form to submit or update your shrine. You are welcome to use the comment field to submit or update multiple shrines in one go.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

In the case that you do not receive a reply from me in the coming weeks, please submit your shrine(s) by email to lethe[AT]oubliette.nu (replace [AT] with @).


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